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Logis Hôtel des Lacs Rest. l'Envolée 3

Viry Chatillon 45 km

Right by the lake, in a lush green setting that's quite unique in the Paris region,...

8/10 (177 reviews)

Logis Hôtel du Boeuf Couronné Rest. l'Amphitryon 3

Chartres 47 km

A traditional family hotel and restaurant since 1919, Le Bœuf Couronné is an institution...

8.7/10 (332 reviews)

Logis Hôtel Saint-Martin 3

Orleans 48 km

1 hour from Paris on the A10 motorway, come and discover Orléans, the “Johannic...

8.4/10 (240 reviews)

Logis Hôtel l'Orée de Chartres 3

Barjouville 48 km

Come and stay at L'Orée de Chartres where you are guaranteed a warm, friendly and...

8.4/10 (347 reviews)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a hotel in Mereville?
The cost of a night in a hotel depends on several factors such as the location, the services offered, the level of standing of the establishment, the tourist influx and the booking period.
Depending on the rates available on you can book a 3 star hotel from 59 € per night .
Consult our search engine and enter your dates to get the precise rates corresponding to your stay. (based on rates available on
Which hotels in Mereville, are good for couples?
Make your romantic stay unforgettable.
If you're looking for a couple's hotel in Mereville here are a few properties that couples liked:: Logis Hôtel La Maison Des Blés, Logis Hôtel Ecu De France, Logis Hôtel Le Quai Fleuri Rest. L'hibiscus.
These hotels offer all the amenities for one-on-one moments: double room, gourmet table, ideal activities to share with two ... Do not hesitate to browse our search page to refine your selection.
What are the most family-friendly hotels in Mereville?
Many families who stayed in Mereville, particularly appreciated the hotels Logis Hôtel La Maison Des Blés, Logis Hôtel Ecu De France, Logis Hôtel Le Quai Fleuri Rest. L'hibiscus.
Also check out our search filter if you want to narrow down your search choices.
What are the best hotels to stay in Mereville?
Les meilleurs hôtels dépendent fortement des attentes et des goûts de chacun.
On, you will easily find the hotel that suits you in the city of your choice. Our search engine allows you to filter hotels according to your expectations.
We have several excellent hotels in Mereville. The most popular are Logis Hôtel Le Manoir De Sauvegrain, Logis Hôtel La Maison Des Blés, Cit'hotel Marguerite. On Logis Hôtels, there is something for everyone!
Which hotels in Mereville offer an especially good breakfast?
Our hotels in Mereville offer one or more types of breakfasts according to your preferences.
The hotels Logis Hôtel De La Chapelle, Logis Hôtel Du Boeuf Couronné Rest. L'amphitryon, Logis Hôtel Le Manoir De Sauvegrain, offer highly rated breakfasts.
Select a hotel from the result page, view reviews and ratings for breakfasts.
What hotels in Mereville, have nice views?
Several hotels have been recommended by our clientele in Mereville for their exceptional views such as Logis Hôtel Ecu De France, Logis Hôtel Au Bord Du Lac, Logis Hôtel Des Lacs Rest. L'envolée.
Do not hesitate to browse our search engine to refine your selection and consult the different opinions.
Where to stay with my pet in Mereville?
If you wish to travel with your pets to Mereville, the following hotels allow pets: Logis Hôtel La Maison Des Blés, Logis Hôtel Ecu De France, Logis Hôtel Le Quai Fleuri Rest. L'hibiscus. Do not hesitate to contact these establishments directly to find out their conditions of reception of animals before your reservation.
Is it possible to book in hotels with the possibility of cancelling?
Unless there are special hotel policies, you can book hotels on with the option to cancel up to 48 hours before arrival. You can cancel easily from your booking confirmation email.*
*Subject to non-specific conditions of the hotel, reservation only made from and within the limits of the cancellation periods in force.
What are the cheapest hotels in Mereville?
At Logis Hôtels, we strive to offer hotels for all budgets, from the most economical to the most upscale.
We offer a wide selection of affordable and accessible prices to all travelers..
The cheapest hotels in à Mereville are Cit'hotel Marguerite, Logis Hôtel Des Lacs Rest. L'envolée, Logis Hôtel Saint-martin. We also invite you to consult our last-minute promotions , as well as our early booking offers .
Which hotel with restaurant do you recommend in Mereville?
For a hotel with a restaurant in Mereville, we recommend Logis Hôtel Le Manoir De Sauvegrain, Logis Hôtel Du Boeuf Couronné Rest. L'amphitryon, Logis Hôtel La Maison Des Blés.
These hotel-restaurants are known for their excellent cuisine and offer guests an exceptional dining experience.
Which hotels in Mereville are best suited for an evening stopover?
The Logis Hôtel La Maison Des Blés, Logis Hôtel Ecu De France, Logis Hôtel Le Quai Fleuri Rest. L'hibiscus hotels offer 'Soirée Etape' packages for business travelers to Mereville.
CThese establishments offer rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities as well as a dinner with seasonal cuisine or a delicious breakfas.
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Discover France's regions. From your hotel you can visit the different sites near Mereville in the department Meurthe Et Moselle or organize the legs of your trip in cities based on your interests.

You will discover local specialities at the hotels in Mereville thanks to your hosts' advice. You can discover the historical, cultural and gastronomic patrimony by treating yourself to regional recipes prepared by our chefs.

Upon arrival, you will take advantage of the comfort and conviviality of the quality accommodations by Logis hotel-restaurants in Mereville.

Do wait any longer! Take advantage of our online reservation system and enjoy your holiday with peace of mind.