Terms of sale Logis Reservations Office for the General Public

The general terms of sale and the special conditions constitute a whole which is an integral part of the sale contract, and which must be accepted as a whole before conclusion of any sale. The reservation request entails acceptance of the present terms of sale and complete and unqualified acceptance of their provisions..


The ‘Fédération Internationale des Logis' (FIL) is an Association under the 1901 law, gathering 2200 independent restaurant-hotels in Europe . The Logis Booking Centre, Logis International Services, is a subsidiary company of the FIL. It places at the disposal of the customers private individuals and professionals an online Booking Centre. The reservations can also be taken by telephone through the following number: + .83.84.

The reserved stays are in room only, room and breakfast or in half-board.

Bookings are made on line. For a few hotels that show the mention "Subject to confirmation" : Your booking is not confirmed, we are awaiting the response from the hotel. As a general rule, confirmation occurs within 24 hours. 

1 -General terms of sale (GTS)

1-1 - Application

The present GTS apply to the sale transactions concluded by the Logis Reservations Office with individual guests.

1-2 – Status

Every guest of the Logis International Services Reservations Office acknowledges his status for contracting, that is, being of legal age and not being subject to guardianship or trusteeship.

1-3 – Price

Prices are indicated in Euros. VAT is always included.
Prices indicated only include those services mentioned in the booking.
In addition to the price indicated at the time of booking, invoices will include additional services provided by the hotel during your stay and, where applicable, the accommodation tax.
Prices applied are those applicable on the date of booking. All hoteliers are independent professionals and are entitled to adjust and amend prices at any time. Consequently, the price seen on the Logis website is only valid for those orders placed during the time said price is displayed.
Only the price indicated in the booking confirmation is legally binding.

"Best price guarantee" mention : After having booked an establishment on, and within a maximum period of 24 hours, the price difference may be reimbursed if the price displayed at another e-distributor (e.g.: Booking,, Expedia, Trivago, etc.), for the same establishment, on the same date and under strictly identical stay conditions (same room, same time period, same options, etc.) is lower. It will be the customer's responsibility to provide proof of this lower price. If the price applied on the Logishotels website is equal or lower, the reimbursement cannot take place.

1-4 - Payment procedures

Payment for all of the services is to be made, at the time of the stay, directly to the hotel-keeper.

"Book now, Pay later" : outside of the hotel's particular conditions, payment for your booking will only be taken during your stay.
Your bank details on the site are not for payment. Instead they are used as a guarantee in the event of cancellation.

1-5 – Force majeure

Force majeure means any event beyond the parties' control that is both unpredictable and insurmountable, and prevents either the guest or the Logis Reservations Office or the hotel-keeper from satisfying all or part of the obligations laid down in the Contract. This applies particularly to cases of strike, insurrection, riot, or prohibitions issued by the governmental or public authorities. It is explicitly agreed that an event of force majeure suspends execution of the reciprocal obligations for the parties, and that each party shall pay the expenses resulting therefrom. In particular, the guests alone shall pay the additional expenses that might be incurred for continuation of the trip, following the event of force majeure.

1-6 – Complaints

Any complaint must be filed with the hotel-keeper before being forwarded to the quality follow-up department of the Logis Reservations Office; this must be done within a period of thirty days starting with the date of the stay.

1-7 – Liability

The hotel-keeper alone is liable for the safety and security of persons and property within the establishments. In case of an event affecting the guest's person or property (e.g. theft, fire, etc.) during a stay, the Logis Reservations Office may not be held liable, since the Logis hotel-keepers are independent hotel-keepers bearing their own civil and criminal liability.

The hotel owner is responsible for taking all the necessary security measures and guarantees for accommodating the guests at the property and for duly complying with the hotel’s activity. Logis will not be held responsible for any lack of compliance from the hotel owner.


1-8 – Data processing and Freedoms

In application of law L.78-17 of 6 January 1978 , the guest is informed that the personal information communicated to the Logis Reservations Office is the subject of computerised processing, in the absence of specific protest. The said computerised processing has been reported to the CNIL. The guest holds a standing right of access, correction or deletion to be exercised vis-à-vis the Logis Reservations Office.

The information requested when making reservations is essential for the smooth processing of your request. This information is intended only for the different services of Logis (Fédération Internationale des Logis and Logis Reservations Office) and the hotels concerned with the booking request.

In accordance with current legislation, electronic contracts are filed electronically for 10 years, as regards any contract of an amount exceeding EUR 120. The client is entitled to access this information from the LIS Reservations Office.


1-9 - Applicable law

Any disputes, complaints or litigation relating to the procedures for reservation of a short break or of a hotel room are subject to French law.

2 - Special conditions

In the absence of reservation and cancellation conditions specific to certain establishments (communicated to the guest at the time of the reservation), the following special conditions shall be applied.

2-1 – Reservation conditions

To guarantee his reservation, the guest is requested to provide his bank card number, the transmission being secure. The reservation becomes firm and final only as of the time of receipt of the confirmation addressed to the guest by the reservations office.
Payment in full of the stay is to be made directly to the hotel-keeper

The guest is requested to plan his arrival at the hotel before 6 p.m. , and to inform the hotel-keeper in case of a later arrival.

2-2 – Modification of a reservation

Any request for modification of a reservation must be made to the Logis International Services Reservations Office by telephone on, Monday to Friday, from 9 a .m. to 7 p.m. , and on Saturday from 9 a .m. to 5 p.m. , or by e-mail sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The reservation modification does not become firm and final until receipt of the confirmation by the Logis International Services Reservations Office.

Requests for modifications may entail, in some cases, application of the cancellation conditions.

In case of an event of force majeure or because of exceptional circumstances, the hotel reserves the right to accommodate the guests in a nearby hotel of equivalent category, without any price modification.

2-3 – Cancellation conditions

"Free Booking and Cancellation" mention : canceling your booking is free at the latest 2 days before the check-in date (48 hours). However, booking and cancellation conditions specific to certain establishments (communicated to the customer during booking) may be applied.
In case of cancellation less than 2 days before the scheduled arrival, a charge will be made for 1 night.

To cancel a reservation, the guest is asked to use this Logis site: and to click on: Modify a reservation.

The reservation cancellation becomes effective as of the time of receipt of an e-mail from Logis International Services Reservation Office confirming the cancellation.
Failing this, the guest may contact the reservations office directly on, or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Monday to Friday from 9 a .m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a .m. to 5 p.m.
Outside those times, the guest will have to contact the hotel directly.
The date of receipt of the cancellation request (by e-mail, post, telephone or fax) is the date adopted for the cancellation.

- In case the guest fails to appear at the hotel and in the absence of cancellation, the total amount of the reservation will be charged.

2-4 – Liability

The hotels and their owners are legally and financially independent of the Logis International Services Reservations Office.
The information published on the Internet site (e.g. photographs, descriptions, services , prices etc.) are the sole responsibility of the hotel-keepers, and the Logis International Services Reservations Office may not be held liable for errors or inaccuracies appearing in such information supplied to it by the hotel-keepers.

The present terms of sale are subject to French law and to the jurisdiction of the courts of Paris .

2-5 - Cancellation
Regarding the provision of accommodation services offered by the Logis establishments, in accordance with the provisions of article L.121-21-8 12° of the French Consumer Code, no right to cancel may be exercised by the customer.

3 - Mediation :

Pursuant to the Decree of 30 October 2015 pertaining to mediation of consumer disputes, the details of the Travel and Tourism Mediator are as follows:
Médiation Tourisme Voyage
BP 80303
75823 PARIS CEDEX 17
Website :


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