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Logis Hôtel le Beaulieu 3

Beaulieu Sur Dordogne

9.2/10 (38 reviews)
From 92.31 USD 1 night, 2 travellers Discover

Limousin : Popular destinations

  • images/visuel_textual/destination-populaire-brive-la-gaillarde.jpg Brive La Gaillarde
  • images/visuel_textual/destination-populaire-guéret.jpg Gueret
  • images/visuel_textual/destination-populaire-limoges.jpg Limoges
  • images/visuel_textual/destination-populaire-tulle.jpg Tulle

Limousin : What travellers said about our hotels

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best destinations in Limousin?
For successful stays in Limousin, we highly recommend visiting the charming towns of Brive La Gaillarde, Gueret, Limoges, which are popular with travellers in this region.
Which hotels in the area (Limousin) offer an excellent breakfast?
Hotels in Limousin offer one or more types of breakfasts according to your preferences.
In Limousin, the Logis Hôtel Rest. Europa, Logis Hôtel Des Voyageurs, Logis Hôtel La Brasserie hotels offer highly-rated breakfasts.
Continental breakfast, buffet, English, gluten-free or in your room... You can also check our filter. Select a hotel from the results page, see the reviews and ratings given to the breakfasts in the reviews on the property listing.
What are the best hotels in (Limousin)?
If you're looking for the best hotels in the Limousin, you're spoilt for choice.
Among the most appreciated by our guests, we can mention the hotels Logis Hôtel Le Relais Du Teulet, Logis Hôtel Rest. Europa, Logis Hôtel Les Collines, which offer quality service and a pleasant setting.We also recommend hotels Logis Hôtel Au Petit Vatel, Logis Hôtel La Brasserie, Logis Hôtel Des Voyageurs.
Which hotels in (Limousin), are good for families?
Make your family stay in the region Limousin unforgettable.
The Cit'hotel Les Alizés, Logis Hôtel De France, Logis Hôtel De La Tour hotels offer services and facilities tailored to the needs and desires of parents and children.
We also recommend the Logis Hôtel Au Petit Breuil, Logis Hôtel Des Voyageurs, Logis Hôtel L'oustal hotels, which are the most popular with family travelers.
Which hotels in (Limousin), are suitable for a couple's stay?
Make your romantic stay unforgettable.
If you are looking for a hotel for a couple's stay in the Limousin, we recommend the Cit'hotel Les Alizés, Logis Hôtel Manoir Henri Iv, Logis Hôtel De France.
Our couples also enjoyed : Logis Hôtel Le Relais De Comodoliac, Logis Auberge La Source, Logis Hôtel De La Tour.
These hotels offer all the amenities for one-on-one moments: double rooms, romantic tables or activities to share with two.
Do not hesitate to browse our search page to refine your selection.
What hotels in (Limousin), have nice views?
In the Limousin region, region Logis Hôtel De La Tour, Logis Auberge De L'etang, Logis Hôtel Le Relais Du Bas Limousin for their exceptional views.
Several hotels have also been recommended by our clientele for the same reasons such as: Logis Relais Des Monedières, Logis Hôtel Les Collines, Logis Hôtel Le Relais Saint-jacques.
Do not hesitate to browse our search page to refine your selection.
What are some popular places to stay in and around this region (Limousin)?
For popular places to stay in the (Limousin) area, we recommend hotels close to Cassinomagus – Parc Archéologique.
How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in this region (Limousin)?
Hotel prices vary depending on several factors, including the season and dates selected.
Rates for 2-star hotels in this region (Limousin) start from 62 € per night, while 3-star hotels start from 65 € per night. We invite you to indicate your specific dates on the search engine in order to obtain more information on the available rates.
(based on rates available on
What are the best pet-friendly hotels in Limousin?
We understand how important it is to be able to travel with your pets.
We are pleased to offer options for this at several of our hotels located in the area.
Below are some of the pet-friendly hotels: Cit'hotel Les Alizés, Logis Hôtel De France, Logis Hôtel Le Relais De Comodoliac .
Do not hesitate to contact these establishments directly to find out their conditions of reception of animals before your reservation
What are the best hotels in Limousin with a pool?
Several hotels in the Limousin area offer swimming pools, such as Cit'hotel Les Alizés, Logis Hôtel Au Petit Breuil, Logis Hôtel Deshors Foujanet.
To find the hotel that best suits your needs, we also recommend using our filter by specifying "Pool".
This will allow you to filter our offers and discover the hotels with outdoor and/or indoor swimming pool that best meet your expectations.
What are the cheapest hotels in Limousin?
We offer competitive rates at all our hotels in the area. However, if you are looking for the cheapest hotels in Limousin, we recommend the following properties:
Logis Hôtel L'oustal, Logis Auberge De L'etang, Logis Hôtel Teyssier. We also invite you to check out our last-minute offers , as well as our early booking offers.
Which hotel with restaurant do you recommend in Limousin?
For a hotel with restaurant in the Limousin, nwe recommend the following establishments: Logis Hôtel Le Relais Du Teulet, Logis Hôtel Des Voyageurs, Logis Hôtel La Brasserie.
These hotel-restaurants are known for their excellent cuisine and offer guests an exceptional dining experience.
They also received top marks from our customers in the area.
Which hotels in Limousin are best suited for an evening stopover?
The Cit'hotel Les Alizés, Logis Hôtel Manoir Henri Iv, Logis Hôtel De France hotels are ideal choices for business travelers looking for comfort and convenience during an evening stopover in the area.
These establishments offer rooms equipped with all desirable amenities and an on-site restaurant offering a dinner with regional flavours or a delicious breakfast.
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