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Hôtel Baratchartea 2

From 64 EUR
0033 559542048

SARE 5.7 km

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In a very tiny village, between the sea and the mountain, classified in the list of the most beautiful villages in Franc...

Hôtel de la Nivelle 2

From 69 EUR
0033 559541027


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Hotel & restaurant situated in the countryside at the foot of the Pyrenees chain, in a typical village with some houses ...

Hôtel Ur Hegian 2

From 65 EUR
0033 559299116

AINHOA 10.8 km

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A mere 100 m from the Spanish border and its 'ventas' (typical Spanish shops), traditional 'cuisine', family atmosphere....

Hôtel Abaca Ypua 0

From 50 EUR
0033 559549311

BIDART 14.3 km

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300m from the Uhabia beach, on the banks of the river, 5 km from Biarritz and 18 km from the Spanish border. Near golf c...

Hôtel Euzkadi 2

From 67 EUR
0033 559939188


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Renowned old inn from the large markets which were held in this village every Wednesday, the hotel restaurant Euzkadi ha...

Hôtel Aldaburua 0

From 65 EUR
0033 983942771


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A charming inn located at the heart of a small Basque village, a few minutes from the Cambo-les-Bains spa and the magnif...

Hôtel du Chêne 2

From 52 EUR
0033 559297501

ITXASSOU 18.7 km

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Backing onto the church of Itxassou, one of the finest Basque churches (a listed 17th century monument), the Hotel du Ch...

Hôtel du Fronton-Agian 2

From 58 EUR
0033 559297510

ITXASSOU 19.2 km

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Close to the central square and backing onto the pelota front wall where young and not-so-young take up the challenge of...

Hôtel Laurent Rodriguez 3

From 65 EUR
0033 559593810


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A hotel: exciting excitement. Having spent his entire life playing rugby, Laurent Rodriguez knows all about excitement! ...

Hôtel de l'Océan 3

From 89 EUR
0033 559240327

BIARRITZ 20.1 km

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A new team took over the reins in 2007 and has since made a large number of improvements - kitchen, bar, restaurant - an...

Auberge chez Tante Ursule 0

From 55 EUR
0033 559297823


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Hôtel Val Florès 2

From 65 EUR
0033 559240794

BIARRITZ 20.6 km

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In a residential area, a stone's throw from the main beach, from the town centre and the casino, the Val Flores offers y...

Hôtel Noblia 2

From 60 EUR
0033 559377089

BIDARRAY 23.9 km

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A distinctive, family style hotel, situated at the heart of the Basque country, the "Noblia" has been totally-renovated ...

Hôtel Erreguina 2

From 55 EUR
0033 559374037

BANCA 29.1 km

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In need of rest or calm? Want to get away from it all? Need a dose of nature and a breath of fresh air? Looking to recha...

Hôtel Mendi Alde 0

From 65 EUR
0033 559377178

OSSES 29.4 km

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Family hotel situated at the heart of the village, where the French word "terroir" sums things up perfectly, since every...