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Logis hotel restaurants: powerful values

The Logis... it’s a shared state of mind. Every Logis hotel restaurant is different, and all are proud of their individuality, yet they all share the same state of mind, which is particularly appreciated by a clientele seeking pleasure, wellness and discovery. 

Logis hotel restaurants are just waiting to offer you a customised, warm-hearted welcome

Every establishment is imbued with a warm family ambience, where you will always be welcomed as a guest, almost as a friend. Whether you’re staying with the family, as a couple, with friends or on a business trip, the hotel managers, as true “Masters of the House”, will ensure that your every need is catered for during your stay. 

Logis hotel restaurants guarantee modern comfort quality

The Logis hotel restaurants look after your well-being. They have all committed to a demanding quality approach ensuring your comfort, in keeping with their “fireplaces” classification: quality bedding, Internet connection, multiple TV channels, etc. The Logis are mobilised to adapt to your current needs on an ongoing basis. 

Cuisine inspired by the region: taste the difference!

The Logis are renowned for the quality of their dining. Logis Chefs prepare regional cuisine by often calling on local producers. For your enjoyment, they select wines and beverages from the terroir that will delight connoisseurs. Business menus, children specials and breakfasts also have their local touch. To help you make the right choice, all of our restaurants are classified from 1 to 3 pots and Table Distinguée.

Logis hotel restaurants invite you to explore

Are you looking for a wide choice of activities to practice in your Logis’ region? Don’t hesitate to seek your hotel manager’s advice: he will gladly share his knowledge of the region with you, recommending the best sites to visit or suggesting unusual and unforgettable experiences.


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The history of Logis hotel-restaurants

A fixture for the past 65 years in the French and European tourist landscape, the Logis hotel-restaurants network has taken on an exciting objective: to modernise without losing its soul in the process. As the leading determined chain of independent hotel-restaurants in Europe with over 2,600 establishments, it is recognised, acknowledged and appreciated for its values of tradition, conviviality and quality. As a result, it enjoys special standing within the hotel industry world.

Logis hotel-restaurants: values you can count on

Founded in 1949, the Fédération Internationale of Logis hotel-restaurants is established in France, Italy, Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain and in the Netherlands. From one stopover to another, every Logis hotel-restaurant is different, but all share the same spirit and the same values: customised welcome, quality accommodation, regionally-inspired cuisine, friendliness and an invitation to discover.

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