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Palais des papes : What travellers said about our hotels

In Avignon, there is the Pont de la Chanson, but above all there is the Palais des Papes, which reminds us that nine pontifical rulers, including two schismatic popes, once made the city the capital of the Western Christian world.
The palace, built on a rocky promontory, is majestic and is the largest Gothic building of the medieval period.
We suggest you choose a hotel near the Palace of the Popes and discover the building, a witness to the power of the Church.
It was in the 14th century that Clement V chose to reside in Avignon, leaving Rome because of conflicts between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines in Italy.
This presence ensured that Avignon became incredibly opulent.
The palace enlarged by Clement VI is truly an architectural masterpiece and the pope entrusted the execution of the frescoes to renowned artists.
He also bought the city from Queen Joan.
Avignon became a papal property until the popes returned to Rome.
On your way back to the city, be sure to visit the Abbey of Saint-Ruf, the Pont Bénéze and the fortified city walls.

Palais Des Papes : Points of interest

Palais des Papes
  • Galerie Ducastel
  • Galerie Des Augustins
  • Galerie Roland Charton
  • Bosc Castle
  • Théâtre Golovine
  • Avignon Cadeaux
  • Angles D'art
  • Galerie Marie-christine Grulier
  • M.m.b. Galerie
  • Art Tête Galerie

Palais Des Papes : Means of transportation

  • Avignon - Caumont Airport
  • Aérodrome D'avignon - Pujaut
  • Aéroport D'avignon
  • Aile De Provence

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