Demeures & Châteaux

 There is so much history to be lived here. Go home having lived yours.


Demeures et Châteaux or living history...

  • Our owners are passionate about their heritage, fine connoisseurs of their regions and of the local art of living, and they have only one wish: to share it with you.
  • This vision of history is neither fixed nor dusty, but rather honours the richness of our land, our cultural heritage and hospitality in the noble sense of the word.

  • By staying in one of their establishments, you will live an immersive experience, made of the sweetness of life and will create your own story.

  • Whether you are with family, friends or even on a business trip, our Demeures & Châteaux hotels are the ideal place to take a break and leave with a new memory.


It's up to you to create your story

Your favourites Demeures & Châteaux

dès 157.34 USD /1 night

Demeures & Châteaux Hôtel Belle Meunière

63130 Royat, France
dès 107.43 USD /1 night

Demeures & Châteaux le Portail en Marais Poitevin

85450 Moreilles, France
dès 107.43 USD /1 night

Demeures & Châteaux Hôtel Loysel le Gaucher

62170 Montreuil Sur Mer, France
dès 141.07 USD /1 night

Demeures & Châteaux Hôtel Castel Damandre

39600 Les Planches Pres Arbois, France
dès 108.51 USD /1 night

Demeures & Châteaux le Moulin des Templiers et Spa

89200 Pontaubert, France
dès 94.41 USD /1 night

Demeures & Châteaux Hôtel de la Porte Saint Malo

22100 Dinan, France
dès 108.51 USD /1 night

Demeures & Châteaux Ferme de la Ranconnière

14480 Crepon, France
dès 93.32 USD /1 night

Demeures & Châteaux La Ferme des Mares

50430 St Germain Sur Ay, France


 With Demeures & Châteaux Hotels, discover a place full of history:



Take advantage of our 3 or 4 star hotels all located in privileged places. Throughout France, Demeures & Châteaux hotels offers you establishments to live unique stories and experiences. Meet the owners, chefs and local producers who will help you discover the
diversity of our regions.

There are so many stories to be told here. LEAVE HAVING LIVED YOUR OWN

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