Cancellation & disruption insurance

Flexibility for your holidays

Leave with peace of mind thanks to holiday cancellation and interruption insurance.

In partnership with Safebooking, Logis Hôtels offers you the opportunity to insure your stay and leave with a clear head.

Thanks to cancellation insurance, you can now interrupt or cancel your holiday in the event of illness, accident, death of a close relative, water damage, lack or excess of snow cover, transfer, including in the event of COVID.

Cancellation insurance is simple:

Book your hotel in advance to take advantage of the best rates, and take out cancellation and interruption insurance in case you can't make it.

  • When you book, you can take out holiday cancellation and interruption insurance with our partner Safebooking safebooking
  • Pay for your cancellation insurance when you confirm your booking. You'll find all our guarantees here

For those who like to ski, high-altitude hotels are covered by a guarantee in the event of insufficient or excessive snow cover.

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