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Logis Hôtel Zum Onkel Jonathan 3


Menu renewed monthly. Possibilty to take a late night snack. Rooms in request.

9.2/10 (21 reviews)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular cities in this department, Raeren?
Some of the most popular cities to visit in the department Raeren are Raeren.
Each of them offers its own unique tourist attractions and is worth visiting during your stay in this destination.
In which city to go Raeren?
Here are some cities with a wide selection of hotels in the department Raeren : Raeren.
In the surrounding area, you can also find interesting options in nearby departments such as Theux, Spa, Ligneuville, Sankt Vith.
What are the cheapest hotels in Raeren?
The cheapest hotels in the department Raeren are Logis Hôtel Zum Onkel Jonathan. We also invite you to check out our last-minute offers , as well as our early booking offers .to benefit from the best rates.
Which hotels in Raeren are best suited for an evening stopover?
The Logis Hôtel Zum Onkel Jonathan hotels offer 'Soirée Etape' packages for business travelers in the Raeren department.
These establishments offer rooms equipped with all desirable amenities as well as an on-site restaurant offering a dinner with local flavors or a delicious breakfast.
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