Gilles Goujon

Chef Gilles Goujon, triple Michelin-starred and winner of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France", reveals the selection of the Tables Distinguées Chefs.

Creativity with dishes, a finesse with flavours, subtlety in pairings, and elegance in the décor... These passionate Chefs showcase and enhance the unique character of their land through their art...

Excellence in the field of gastronomy


Tables Distinguées are special restaurants selected by a jury of gourmet critics. These Chefs, who are true masters of flavour, are passionate about showcasing the incredible wealth of the products and culture in their region. Traditional, modern or audacious, Tables Distinguées bring together the best in gastronomy with the guarantee of exceptional pleasure for you to enjoy. This gastronomical moment promises to be simply magical!

All of our Tables Distinguées

Our selection on unique culinary experiences

dès 107.64 USD /1 night

Logis Hôtel Frankenbourg

67730 La Vancelle, France
eleg1 eleg1
dès 199.13 USD /1 night

Auberge du Vieux Puits, Singuliers Hôtel

11360 Fontjoncouse, France
dès 75.35 USD /1 night

Logis Hôtel le Château de Sable

29840 Porspoder, France
eleg1 eleg1
dès 73.19 USD /1 night

Logis Hôtel les Jardins du Cèdre Rest. le Cèdre

66660 Port Vendres, France
eleg1 eleg1
dès 118.4 USD /1 night

Logis Hôtel Aigue Marine

22220 Treguier, France
eleg1 eleg1
dès 96.87 USD /1 night

Logis Hôtel de Carantec

29660 Carantec, France
eleg1 eleg1
dès 91.49 USD /1 night

Logis Hôtel le Carré d'Alethius

07800 Charmes Sur Rhone, France
eleg1 eleg1

Fancy a gastronomical break to treat yourself to gourmet delights in an elegant setting? Let yourself be amazed by our chefs at the peak of gastronomic excellence in one of our Tables Distinguées. Our chefs, who are true artisans of flavour, offer your the best of their expertise, guaranteeing an exceptional moment of pleasure. That way, you can taste the infinite finesse of the art of cuisine through unique tasting menus and pairings. Ready to delight your tastebuds?

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