Insolite by Logis is the promise:


  • A selection of unusual accommodation (chalets, bubbles, tree houses, gypsy caravans, domes, troglodytic rooms or apartments, etc.)
  • A quality of service specific to Logis Hotels
  • An unforgettable experience.


Going off the beaten track

Our most unusual accommodations

Logis Hôtel Rocaminori

49700 Louresse Rochemenier, France
89.29 USD /1 night

Logis Hôtel les Cabanes dans les Bois

11600 Villalier, France
eleg1 eleg1
93.49 USD /1 night

Logis Hôtel Troglododo

37190 Azay Le Rideau, France
88.24 USD /1 night

With Insolite by Logis, embark on a unique experience.

Insolite by Logis offers you the chance to experience a change of scenery in surprising accommodation. Escape, for a weekend or a long stay, in atypical dwellings such as a chalet, a bubble or a tree house, in a caravan or a dome, in a troglodytic room or flat or even in a safari lodge or a Pod . Sleep under the stars in bubbles, play the adventurer by sleeping in the middle of the trees, take a breath of fresh air in full immersion in nature, far from the stress of everyday life. All this with the know-how and welcome of Logis Hotels.

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