If you have chosen to visit the Doubs for your next holiday, Insolite by Logis, the original accommodation specialist, suggests booking a bubble near Besançon. Like a cosy cocoon, this accommodation allows you to get back to nature and reawaken feelings that were long forgotten.


Would you like to reach for the sky? Why not choose a weekend in a lodge in Franche-Comté for you and your children and pretend to be “Robinson Crusoe”?


While unconventional, the accommodation is very comfortable and you can make use of a hotelier service and high-range fittings and fixtures.


Insolite by Logis chooses out-of-the-ordinary accommodation for your to have the holiday of your dreams either with your family or your friends. Make sure to rent your lodge by the Doubs today and visit Besançon, a town of art and history, its fortified citadel build by Vauban, and the many civil and military monuments that are a testament to the opulence of the town in the past.


The region is also a paradise for nature lovers and athletes alike who will enjoy the many hiking trails and activities on offer, especially kayaking, fishing in summer, or cross-country skiing in winter.

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