Cookie – Definition:

A cookie is a text file saved on the computer or your mobile device you are using to browse this website. It is specifically used in order to collect information about your website and mobile app browsing experience and to provide you with customised services.

Cookies are managed by your web browser/s.

'Logis' Cookies

These are cookies saved by our website ( on your computer to ensure smooth browsing and to optimise and customise our services.

These Cookies help us improve your browsing experience on the various devices you might use. This technology helps uscollect statistics, for example about the language you prefer to use, the number of visits and use of the various services available on our website and our partner websites (the sections you browse and the content you viewed etc.), with a view to making our services more pertinent and ergonomic.

These cookies collect data which is anonymised for processing purposes. This data is kept for a maximum period of 24 months.

'Third Party' Cookies

These are cookies saved by third parties (for example advertisers or our partners).They may be saved while browsing our website or when you click on advertising on our website.

We cannot control cookies that are saved by third party companies acting on their own behalf.

Cookie – Settings: (limiting - refusing - accepting)

You can manage cookies simply by adjusting the settings of your web browser (for exampleInternet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome).

You can:

  • agree to the saving of all Cookies on the pages and content you view. Please note that these Cookies can only be viewed by the websites that use them. In addition, you can always delete these Cookies later (the procedure depends on your web browser, please see below);
  • refuse to save Cookies on your computer. In this case, you may experience a lower level of browsing comfort in that refusing cookies may lead to your operating system not being recognised or the website using a language other than the one you prefer.Because of this, we cannot be held responsible for any possible inconvenience that is linked to potential malfunctions of our services as a result of our inability to access any needed Cookies.
  • be prompted by your web browser to accept or to refuse any installations of new Cookies on your computer.
  • accept or refuse Cookies depending on the site that transfers them.
  • Cookie management settings depend on your web browser (and the version you use). All necessary explanations can be found in the corresponding instructions:

If you use Internet Explorer(V11.0.9600):

  • ü  In Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then Internet Options.
  • ü  In the General tab, under Browsing History, click on Settings.
  • ü  Click on the View files button.
  • ü  Click on the Name column header to sort all the files in alphabetical order, then look for the files with the 'Cookie' prefix. (All cookies have this prefix and also usually contain the name of the website that generated it).
  • ü  Select the cookies containing the name 'logishotels' and delete them.
  • ü  Close the window listing the files, then click twice on OK to go back to Internet Explorer.

If you use Firefox(V 35.0):

  • Go to 'Tools' and select the 'Options' menu;
  • In the window that opens, choose 'Privacy' and click on 'Remove specific cookies';
  • Find the cookies containing the name 'logishotels'. Select and delete them.

If you use Safari(V 5.1.7):

  • In your browser, select the menu 'Gear'/'Preferences'.
  • Click on 'Privacy'.
  • Click on 'Details'. 
  • Find the cookies that contain the name 'logishotels' and click on 'Remove' or on 'Remove All'.
  • After deleting the cookies, click on' Done'.   

If you use Google Chrome(V 40.0.2214.93 m):

  • Click on the Chrome menu  chromenav in the browser toolbar.
  • Select Settings.
  • Click on Show advanced settings.
  • In the 'Privacy' section, click on the Content settings button.
  • Click on the 'All cookies and website data' button.
  • Find the files containing the name 'logishotels'.Select and delete them.
  • Click on 'Close' to return to your browser.