Let yourself go, relax while on your Learning holiday package in a Logis hotel. On the agenda there's cookery,fruit picking, distillery, painting or sculpture: there's so much to learn, so many interests to indulge with a Logis package!

Learning package: a relaxing way to learn!

Amateurs and enthusiasts love to meet up for these introductory and advanced courses in a particularly appropriate setting. Logis learning packages give you an opportunity to find out more about local traditions in a relaxing setting.

The benefits of Logis Learning packages

The hotelier provides courses from amongthe following activities:
Cookery classes
Fruit and vegetable picking: mushrooms, truffles etc.
Drawing or painting.
Visiting cheese cellars or distilleries.
These courses are provided either by the actual hotelier or an external service provider.

The hotelier will inform you of:
- schedules, rates, closing periods and requirements.
On request, they will make bookings with the service providers.


Do you have a craving for discovery? Then come along to a Logis hotel for a gastronomy stay and enjoy the charm of Logis hotels to relax in total peace of mind. Looking for a heavenly region? Whether in France or in Europe, our tourist guide will help you find the destination you’ve been dreaming about.

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