Logis Hôtels - Votre séjour au Grand Duché de Luxembourg

Your stay in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, between nature and a preserved heritage

With its preserved architectural heritage and the diversity of its landscapes, Luxembourg offers a great many cultural, sports and tourist activities. Follow us down the paths that lead to the Valley of Seven Castles, to Little Switzerland, to the Moselle or to Red Lands country.

A stay in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, within the green heart of Europe

A stay in Luxembourg will charm all nature and discovery enthusiasts. Close to the capital city, take a walk through the Luxembourg orchard. Fields that stretch as far as the eye can see and the forests of Bambës and Grengewald are a heaven for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. Up north, in the Luxembourg Ardennes, there are high plateaux and woody valleys, highly conducive to rest, just waiting to welcome you. The Our and Haute-Sure nature parks also provide numerous sports activities. To the East, the Mullerthal region, also known as Little Switzerland, offers you a stunning panorama made of rocky hills, sumptuous forests and sandstone rocks, wherein hiking trails and cycling lanes snake in and out for dozens of kilometres. Wine lovers should take the Wine Trail which crosses the Moselle Valley, lined with charming little vineyard villages. Lastly, to the South, the Red Lands, so called because of the iron ore mined from the earth, bear witness to the region’s industrial, steel-making past .

A stay in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: a cultural and historical heritage

Your stay in Luxembourg will be an opportunity to discover an outstanding heritage. All over the city of Luxembourg, you can find relics from the old fortress that are over a thousand years old, as well as a network of underground galleries called the casemates, running beneath the rocks of the capital city. Continue your tour with the Ducal Palace, built in the 16th century in the Hispano-Moorish style, and currently the residence of the Grand Duke. The country also boasts a substantial religious heritage. Architecture enthusiasts will admire Notre Dame du Luxembourg and its half-Renaissance, half-Baroque style. In the Saint Willibrord Basilica in Echternach, there is a crypt holding the sarcophagus of the Grand Duchy’s patron saint. In Rindschleiden in the Ardennes, the Benedictine Abbey is adorned with 15th- and 16th-century frescoes. Lastly, history lovers will appreciate the 109 Medieval castles dotted across the country, witness to a glorious past, some of which, like Clervaux, Vianden and Beaufort,  have been perfectly restored while others like Dudelange,  Koerich and Useldange show the wear and tear of time. Make sure you visit the Valley of Seven Castles, which has the best examples of Medieval architecture gathered over a 24-kilometre stretch around the city of Luxembourg. There are very many picturesque and perfectly restored small  villages lining your tourist route.

The Moselle welcomes you on your wine-tasting stay

As a winemaking region, the Moselle invites you to discover its dry white wines and Cremant sparkling wines, whose renown has gone well beyond Grand Duchy borders. During your stay in Luxembourg, do not hesitate to stop in the small vineyard villages to visit the cellars, which will surprise you on account of the quality of grapes grown from Luxembourger soil. In Ehnen, a renowned vineyard  village, you can admire some superb patrician mansions.  

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