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Your stay in Germany: gastronomy, heritage and nature

With its fascinating towns, the sheer diversity of its mountains, forests and lakes, and a most attractive festivals calendar, Germany stands as one of Europe’s most appealing destinations. From the North Sea down to the PreAlps to the South, your stay in Germany appears very promising between walks, great dining and city tourism...  

Your stay in Germany: when the Germanic terroir takes a seat at  your table

How could one mention Germany without thinking of Frankfurters, or the great pretzels in Munich, or delicious trout fished in Black Forest waters? Your stay in Germany will also be an opportunity to sample the bakery specialties, small breads and pastries, which entirely hold their own before the delights of their French counterparts...

Beer drinkers will enjoy the 5,000 beer varieties produced in local breweries. Lastly, all oenologists, beginners and seasoned, will be able to appreciate the tasty grapes from the banks of the Rhine. At meal’s end, don’t forget to order a small glass of Schnapps, a delicious liqueur that will nicely close your feast.

Your stay in Germany:  traditional markets, festivals and popular celebrations

If you’re staying in Germany during the year-end celebrations, you will be charmed by the Christmas markets held in many towns. Around the musical performances that are so typical of those popular events, you’ll stroll along the shopping high streets, decorated for the occasion. Germany is also the setting for year-round cultural events. You can attend the Museum Festival, the Cultures Carnival in Berlin or a number of Rhine-valley or Alemmanic carnivals. And don’t forget to pop in at the Munich Beer Fest held in September, or the one in Stuttgart.  

Your stay in Germany: at the heart of a picturesque natural setting

From Bavaria to the Black Forest, the banks of the Rhine and Lake Constance, you’ll be experiencing unique, intense moments during your stay in Germany. Nature lovers will be enthralled by the sheer diversity of German landscapes: the beaches on the coast, medium elevation mountains and dizzying peaks in the PreAlps, and a forest of outstanding beauty in the centre and the South-West. This natural setting, still preserved to this day, seems to be the ideal place for you to relax and surrender to walking and resting. And if you like cycling, you will undoubtedly be impressed by the abundance of very modern bicycle lanes provided for your travel. Indeed, the country is crisscrossed by over 70,000 kilometres of fully signposted lanes. It is certain that in Germany you will discover an exceptional natural setting made of preserved fauna and flora!  

Germany: an exceptional heritage

From the keeps perched along the banks of Rhine, and which made the renown of Medieval Germany, to the Renaissance cathedrals built in Constance, Munich or Aachen, the German heritage has what it takes to amaze you. The diversity of styles, ranging from medieval to neo-gothic, baroque and classical, will encourage you to find out about German history and architecture. Your stay in Germany might lead you to Berlin, where you can admire the wealth of classical architecture. You will see the impressive Brandenburg Gate, symbolising German reunification, visit the Berliner Dom, a historical cathedral topped with a superb cupola, or stroll by Bellevue Castle, the Presidential residence, or through the Lustgarden, located on Museum Island.  

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