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Your stay in French Guiana, midway between modernity and custom

As an outstanding land, French Guiana will offer you an abundant natural heritage and invite you into the heart of a unique culture. Experience the adventure of a stay in French Guiana by booking at a Logis hotel!

Head for the depths of the Guyanese forest

Lovers of wild, preserved, wide open spaces will fall under the spell of the equatorial forest’s beauty. There are over 8,000,000 hectares in which to encounter a startling vegetal and animal biodiversity! The sheer variety of mammals, birds, fish and tree species is bound to awaken the interest of fauna and flora enthusiasts. The more adventurous among you will take the time to traipse through the forest and experience the joys of the large river that snakes through this spectacular natural space. And what’s on the programme? Fishing, hiking or swimming. While in the depths of the Guyanese forest, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to encounter the inhabitants of this green equatorial lung. When meeting Amerindian people, Hmong people or the Noir Marron people, don’t miss the opportunity of finding out about their ancestral customs and traditions.

French Guiana, midway between history and the space programme

Take advantage of your stay in a charming hotel to find out about other sites that are sure to surprise you. In Saint Laurent du Maroni, retrace the steps of the penal colony prisoners. There are still a few relics today of the “cabins” where the convicts were kept. Further out, in the Salvation Isles, you will forget that this place used to host a former colonial labour camp as you surrender to the spell of the superb waters and sumptuous landscapes before you.  Not too far from this historical Guiana, you should visit Kourou Spaceport.  Space programme enthusiasts will gladly take to the space museum. The lucky ones will, from a special vantage point, feel great excitement as they watch the preparations and the launch of the Ariane rocket!

French Guiana, a land of carnivals  

French Guiana is also a land of Carnival. Every Sunday afternoon in Cayenne from the Epiphany to Ash Wednesday, you can watch events relating to Creole culture. Float parades and traditional costume parades are held to the sound of brass and drums. Let yourself be entertained by unbelievable and colourful characters: Touloulou, representing the Queen of Carnival, the Nég'marrons wearing a kalimbé or a red loincloth, Zombi Bayéro, representing a zombie, Jé Farin, dressed all in white, the Bobi wearing old sacks, the Karolin wearing top hat and tails, the Lanmo, a symbol of Death, the evil Soussouris, and the Diab Rouj who appears on Mardi Gras. As evening falls, let yourself go to a few steps of biguine or mazurka.

The French Guiana Carnival significantly affects the number of tourists present. Book your room at a Logis hotel and treat yourself to the jubilation of the carnival while enjoying a comfortable stay and a most warm-hearted welcome.

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