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Your stay in Belgium

Your stay in Belgium promises to help you discover a multi-faceted country. Unusual landscapes, monuments with a fascinating architecture, not to forget the tasty gastronomic specialities, all represent the best reasons for you to come to the “flat country”...

Your stay in Belgium: discover a heritage of great diversity

Your stay in Belgium is an opportunity for you to take in the beauty of a really exceptional heritage. Only two hours from Paris, Brussels unveils its treasures. Stroll through the streets of the European capital and let yourself be startled at the charm of its Grand Place, its late-19th-century monuments built by Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta, or even the Groeninge Museum, where you can admire six centuries of Flemish art. And don’t miss a halt in front of the famous Manneken Pis. In Bruges, the Venice of the North, sail the canals along the red-brick buildings in gothic style, so typical of the city, and admire its tower, before focusing your attention on art history and the major Flemish artists. During your trips through Belgium, you are bound to chance upon one of the thirty-two Belgian belfries in Romanesque, Gothic or Baroque style that tell of the preserved wealth of Belgian heritage. You should also see the Flemish Beguinages, architectural complexes built in the Middle Ages and grouping houses, churches and gardens.

Belgium: trekking through a varied panorama

For sports enthusiasts and those who are fond of nature outings, Belgium will welcome you on a hiking stay or a cycling stay, both in the Flemish and Walloon regions. And if you’re  feeling like water, why not walk along the Centre Canal in the Hainault Province or around the Lake of Love (Minnewater) near Bruges, or the Ixelles ponds near Brussels? In summer, enjoy the seaside resorts on the North Sea coast: Knokke, Blankenberge and Oostende.

Your gastronomic stay in Belgium

While it is possible anywhere in Belgium to enjoy the traditional mussels and fries, you would probably be surprised at the choice of typical dishes you can sample in Belgian restaurants: Liegiois salad and kidneys in Lieges, Bolleke beer in Antwerp, fish or chicken Waterzoi in Gand. Seafood specialties are also available throughout Belgium. You can try caricoles (whelks) and shrimps served with chicory gratin, unless you prefer a Flemish Carbonnade. Gourmets will not want to miss relishing that great Bruges chocolate whose reputation has gone well beyond Belgian borders. They can even visit the Chocolate Museum to discover the secrets of its making. Last but not least, what would a meal enjoyed in Belgium be like if not served with the national beverage: beer!

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