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Logis hotels - The fine tables in Logis restaurants

The fine tables in Logis restaurants

Looking for a fine table where you can enjoy the cuisine of our great Chefs and of our regions? Every Logis restaurant is subjected to a specific identification in number of “pots”, which allows one to instantly select the desired category. This evaluation assesses both the restaurant’s know-how and the taste and product quality it provides for its customers’ satisfaction.

The Logis restaurants’ classification includes four categories, out of which you can choose the kind of dining that best matches your wants, your state of mind at the time and your budget.

Select the flavours you feel like

Copious cuisine, which highlights traditional, regional recipes, served within a warm-hearted and friendly setting.

A comfortable restaurant and alert service, to help you enjoy a cuisine that will fulfil your gourmet yearnings (lien vers la page « envie de gourmandises ») and will encourage you to discover our regions. .

An elegant restaurant offering a dining experience that values the culinary arts, high-quality products and excellent service.

Selected by culinary experts, an acknowledged gourmet venue that elevates the table arts to the highest level of excellence, offering facilities, service and hospitality to ensure a unique experience.

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