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Green Seminars

Organise a Séminaire au Vert within a pleasant work setting!

Holding a successful seminar in the countryside implies true closeness with your colleagues. Logis hotels’ “Séminaires au Vert” offer will obviously make your business meetings highly efficient within a privileged setting and a convivial atmosphere.

The Logis hotel-restaurant managers will be pleased to welcome you throughout Europe for a genuine Séminaire au Vert in the countryside, in the mountains, in town or by the seaside.

Take a deep breath… you are at the Logis

Séminaires au Vert: a team and a set of skills

In order to welcome you for your Séminaire au Vert, Logis hotel managers have thought of everything:

- Fully equipped rooms

- Tailor-made initiatives and activities

- A regional cuisine and tasty breaks inspired from the terroir to ensure you are given the best service possible

Your Logis contact will take charge of all your requests regarding the organisation and unfolding of your Séminaire au Vert, whether it involves one or several establishments.

They will answer your online request for quotation within 48 hours maximum.  

To make the best choice, we suggest you first use herewith search engine, then browse through each hotel’s seminar file, which lists the facilities, equipment, breaks and activities provided, as well as the rates.

Everything has been done to make your Séminaires au Vert in the countryside, in the mountains, by the seaside or in town, a productive event within a relaxed atmosphere.  

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Did you enjoy stopping over at a Logis hotel ? Organise your Séminaires au Vert with your employees, in the country, in town or in the mountains, and step into the enchanting setting of a Logis d'Exception.

Green seminars
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