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Your stay in Ile de France: discover the riches of the Paris region

Your stay in Ile-de-France is an opportunity to build a huge stock of pictures and emotions. If you have a Robinson’s soul, or a Friday, Saturday or Sunday to spare...

Travelling Ile-de-France in all seasons

A festive spring in Paris, when sculptures turn up on the Champs-Elysées.

A Medieval summer in Provins, when knights and troubadours take over the battlements.  

A wildlife autumn in Fontainebleau, when the forest hums with the sound of a fauna so well preserved.

A triumphant winter in Saint-Denis, where they are building the royal access route to the Stade de France.

Ile-de-France well understands the four seasons, and leaves it up to visitors to improvise. As time goes by, one must lay back and enjoy its river fugues, its village sonatas, its cathedral requiems, and the java from the banks of the Marne. Just by way of sensing how much, despite its mighty airs, the capital region has a soft heart...  

An impromptu exploration of Ile-de-France

Your stay in Ile-de France will take you to see the masterpieces raised by cathedral builders. True, there is but a hair’s breadth between the city battlements of Provins, Dourdan, Nemours or Egreville, to the grey steps of Opera Bastille. A mere breath between the Château of Maisons-Lafitte and the Grande Arche at La Défense. An eternity between the Basilica in Saint-Denis and the Cathedral in Evry, between the son kings of the Capetian dynasty to the architects of this century, new princes of the city.

And so to cross an entire millennium of French history takes no more than a step, one to be taken without constraint, because here, aimless wanderings always end up finding an aim... There’s nothing quite like an excursion on the Seine River, who carries all of the city’s moods along its meanders, to find out, as you sail at an extravagant 5mph, how to slow down the very course of time.  

There’s nothing quite so touching as an impressionist side trip to Auvers-sur-Oise, Giverny or Châtou Island, hot on the trail of Van Gogh, Monet or Renoir. Nothing as exhilarating as discovering, quite unexpectedly, an ancient ford, a sleepy windmill, and a few metres of embankment where, in olden times, horses would trail the towpath.

Ile-de-France: unique attractions  

The Château of Fontainebleau leads toddlers in the footsteps of Napoleon and Da Vinci, two of its illustrious occupants, while acrobats train on the neighbouring rock face.

The Argonaut is docked in La Villette’s magical park, while Puss in Boots keeps on confabulating in the park at the Château de Breteuil. The Foire du Trône and the Fête à Neu-Neu events will only upset stomachs long enough to stuff them with waffles and lollipops. Mickey Mouse does his stint, while Alice in Wonderland hosts her tea-time, not too far away from Sleeping Beauty’s haunted house in Marne-la-Vallée.

Lastly, full of his ineffable good mood, Augustus the Clown conquers once again the big children at the Cirque de Paris. Who said one never laughs in Ile-de-France?

Do you too want to have fun, to explore, to marvel at the splendours of the Paris region? Book your Logis hotel restaurant and enjoy an unforgettable stay in Ile-de-France.


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