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A stay in Champagne-Ardenne: a tale of water and bubbles!

Your stay in Champagne-Ardenne will take you east of Paris, between Belgium and Burgundy. To be explored under the euphoria of a glass of vintage champagne…

Champagne-Ardenne: nature and oxygen

There are two cities opening the way to the Champagne-Ardenne Region. The royal city of Reims, and the bright city of Troyes. The one is about the gildings of coronation, the other about the monochrome play of light through the stained-glass windows of its nine churches. Between the two lie some 600 kilometres of navigable waterways, 240,000 hectares of forests teeming with game, four lakes and two natural parks, the Montagne de Reims Park and the Orient Forest Park...

Trekking across those lands during your stay in Champagne-Ardenne will lead you rediscover nature, opening wide your lungs and your eyes so you don’t miss the migrating birds, the wildest of game and the delicate orchids.

At certain times of year, nature shows off: the deer bellow in Belval Park in the Ardennes, and common cranes take off from Der-Chantecoq Lake.

Champagne-Ardenne along the waterside

From North to South, explore the deeply embanked meanders of the Meuse Valley, and the banks of the Marne travelling through the Champagne vineyards... A heaven for anglers, the Haute-Marne’s 500 or so rivers promise them great catches: pike, perch, trout, common grayling, etc.

Ask for a map of the good angling spots. That way, you won’t come back empty-handed. Between Troyes and Saint-Dizier stand the four great lakes – Orient Forest Lake, Temple Lake, Amance Lake and Der-Chantecoq Lake – offering up waters that are as conducive to bathing as they are to sailing or waterskiing.

Champagne-Ardenne: a land branded by history

Old stones enthusiasts should neither miss the Rocroi Fortress, nor that of Langres with its 3-kilometre-long battlements. They should visit Sedan, proud of its gigantic fort, prior to falling under the spell of Gothic masterpieces like Notre-Dame de l'Epine Basilica and Reims Cathedral. They will also encounter numerous castles, many of which have hosted celebrities: Voltaire lived in Cirey-sur-Blaise, Louis XIV was fond of stopping over in the Hotel d'Etoges, while Milos Forman chose La Motte-Tilly as a backdrop for shooting his movie "Valmont".

Throughout your stay in Champagne-Ardenne, you will notice that each region has a specific architecture. Golden stone covered with black slate means you are in the Ardennes, perhaps even on Place Ducale in Charleville-Mézières, the twin square of Place des Vosges in Paris.

Limestone and red bricks tell you that you are in Reims, Châlons-en-Champagne or Sainte-Ménehould. Cob walls and wood sections are typical of the Champagne region’s old hedged farmland and the old 16th-century town centre in Troyes. Lastly, to the south, the presence of white stone shows the influence of nearby Burgundy.

Champagne-Ardenne: 600 kilometres of bubbles

As you trek across the Montagne de Reims, the Marne Valley, the Côte des Blancs and the Côte des Bars, you will during your stay in Champagne-Ardenne travel the Champagne tourist trail, where over sixty producers will open the doors to their cellars to you. So prepare your wine-tasting and gastronomic stay

It’s a sparkling itinerary during which the pleasure of bubbles will blend with the flavour of local specialities: Quemeu tart, dry ham from the neighbouring Ardennes, Andouillette from Troyes, pig trotters in Sainte-Ménéhould style, Reims croquignole pastries...

If you too are considering savouring a glass of Champagne or appreciating endless waters for a fisher’s stay, book your accommodation at a Logis hotel restaurant and enjoy a personalised welcome.

Take the opportunity of your stay in Champagne-Ardenne to get introduced to bubbles! Book your discovery stay and enjoy the local winegrowers’ know-how. Sample the Chefs’ cuisine to enjoy the most refined gastronomic meals. Also, in our store, get a host of original gift ideas to offer your loved ones.

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