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Already present in 8 countries, LOGIS, the leading independent hotel and restaurant chain in Europe, is marking a major new milestone in its international expansion plan by moving into the trans-Atlantic market, and Quebec in particular.

Above all, LOGIS and ÔRIGINE HÔTELS share the same vision of independent hotels and restaurants and convey common values with discovery breaks immersed in the heart of their regions.


Now, travellers with both networks can benefit from an expanded choice of breaks on both sides of the Atlantic. Specialising in luxury hotels, ÔRIGINE HÔTELS has 23 establishments spread throughout Quebec.

A unique addition to help European customers looking for a genuine experience to enjoy all that Canada has to offer, and vice versa - both on a cultural and culinary level.

More than just the biggest group of independent hoteliers and restaurateurs in the world. ÔRIGINE HÔTELS is the Quebec counterpart of LOGIS in Europe, high-quality hotels with a human face, which acts in the best interest of independent players.

This partnership with ÔRIGINE HÔTELS helps to offer its loyal customers a new experience and sets out to conquer new target groups in search of authentic places to stay.

ÔRIGINE HÔTELS, whose network is 30 years old now, wanted to expand into Europe, and with LOGIS they have!

We are delighted to be able to offer new, extraordinary experiences in Quebec to European customers and proud to offer Quebeckers new "artisan hoteliers" all over Europe.


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