Do you dream of an out-of-the-ordinary holiday, complete with all of life’s little pleasures while also getting back to nature?


Logis, the holiday rental specialist, now offers incredibly original accommodation to meet your expectations.


Whether it's renting a bubble in Brittany, a romantic weekend in a caravan, a lodge with a breathtaking view over the Pyrenees, or even a night on a luxury yacht in Camargue, all of our accommodation will take you away to a dreamland.


Insolite by Logis has chosen places unlike any other. Rooms carved out of rock or huts on stilts, complete with all the latest modern amenities and comforts. Whether a romantic getaway, a holiday with your family, or travelling with friends, our unconventional accommodation will awaken your inner child.


To make sure you make the most of every minute of your holidays, you’ll have access to the services and facilities of a hotel and the hotel restaurant. All you have to do is choose either cultural attractions or excursions to experience your own fairytale holiday.

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