Logis Hôtels - Le Guide International des hôtels-restaurants Logis

The Logis hotel-restaurants International Guide

Every year, the Logis publish an International Guide which lists all of the hotel-restaurants in the network. Regional maps featured in the guide will help you prepare your itineraries, and to quickly spot the places where there is a Logis.


Committed to an eco-responsible approach, the Logis Hôtels group has decided to limit its individual mailings.


With an establishment everywhere in France within 11km, you can easily find the Europe guide and the 2023 Singuliers, Demeures & Châteaux, Tables Distinguées selection free of charge in all the hotels and restaurants of the Logis Hotels group.


You will also find all the establishments of the group with their updated information on our mobile application and logishotels.com .




The guide
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