It's more than just a simple holiday, it's a way of life. Thanks to the original accommodation specialist, Insolite by Logis invites you to book your lodge in Vosges.


These waterside wooden lodges on stilts used to be granaries. Now they are waiting for you to come and enjoy a calm and tranquillity that is only ever interrupted by birdsong.


You will love the charm and comfort of renting a lodge near Epinal and appreciate having access to the Finnish sauna and the hotel restaurant.


Your lodge weekend in Lorraine continues with a hike or a bike ride in the Ballons des Vosges Natural Park, then a visit to see Epinal prints or an artisanal distillery tasting, depending on your tastes.


Whether in winter or summer, you'll fall in love with the region and its rich natural heritage and culinary specialist.


Make sure to book your holiday caravan or lodge in Vosges today from the Insolite by Logis selection.

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