Logis Hôtels - Les Logis d'Exception

Hostelry for fun and memories

A Logis d’Exception is above all a place with something special, an ambience, something to
be shared.
It is an elegant, refined venue, a privileged setting, and personalised, sophisticated decoration.

It is also a feeling of wide open spaces and unsparing volumes. A Logis d’Exception is high quality service too, with special care given to guests, an eye for detail, constant consideration... It is
also gastronomic cuisine and the most modern technological facilities.

Enter the world of Logis d’Exception

Were you enchanted with the welcome you experienced during your last stay at an upscale Logis hotel ? Discover our selection of Logis hotel restaurants in France and Europe and enjoy sports, quiet, charm, and relaxation always, as offered by your hosts. Are you looking for a venue to hold a seminar in the countryside? Check out our list of hotels providing Séminaire au Vert services.

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