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Your stay in the Netherlands

Your stay in the Netherlands is an opportunity to discover a country that is often little-known outside its capital Amsterdam. Did you know that the Netherlands now have eight sites listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage? The various regions in the Netherlands are lands of contrast ad diversity each retaining their own cultural identity. Succumb to your feelings of discovery

Staying in the Netherlands: Set off to explore a rich, varied cultural heritage

Your stay in the Netherlands is an opportunity to explore the wealth of the various regions of this land reclaimed from the sea. Naturally, the major Dutch cities remain classics among the tourist destinations, each with their own character:

·         Amsterdam and its network of canals, recently listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage, its many museums and its distinctive ambience.

·         Maastricht, the cradle of Europe, where you can stroll and fall under the spell of its small streets and renowned antique shops. Maastricht is also acknowledged for its gastronomy and its five starred restaurants.

·         The Hague is a town of contrasts, chic and traditional as well as being sophisticated and open to the world. It boasts over thirty museums, and if you are the festival-going kind, bear in mind that for three weeks in June, The Hague is host to a great many festivals.

·         Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ epicentre in terms of contemporary art, design and fashion, is a trendy city that never rests. 

The Netherlands: explore the beauty and riches of the Netherlands’ regions by foot or on a bike, strolling along the canals

We all have in mind a postcard of Holland complete with its tulip fields, windmills and cheeses. This is nothing more than a cliché, and we suggest taking you further as you explore.

More than just a means of travel, bicycles are a way of life in the Netherlands. There are practically as many bikes as there are people in this country criss-crossed by over 15,000 km in bicycle lanes. Seasons permitting, the cycling trek remains the best way to discover the fields of multicoloured flowers blossoming in the springtime between Heiden and Haarlem, or to travel to the greatest sites in the country in summer. As you ride your bike, you can picture yourself as a latter-day Don Quixote setting upon the thousand or so windmills dotted throughout the Netherlands.

With its 32 hectares, its 15 kilometres of alleyways, and located 32 km from Amsterdam, Keukenhof Gardens is the ideal place to enjoy a hiking tour that is bound to stimulate your senses. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and irises will entice your eyes and nose. 7,000,000 bulbs are planted there every year. But remember, this garden is only open two months in the year at springtime.

Water sports enthusiasts should head for the Frisian Lakes district for “Sneekweek”. Starting the first week in August, the Netherlands host one of their foremost sailing events. For 14 days, you can watch regattas where historical flat-bottomed boats engage in a fascinating competition. 

Your gourmet stay in the Netherlands

As you know, the Fédération Internationale des Logis offers gourmet stays. The Netherlands are no exception. Relatively unknown, Dutch cuisine does have a diversified presence in the country’s various regions. To cheese lovers, the Netherlands are known as “that other cheese country”. Major cheese markets are held in picturesque towns like Alkmaar, Gouda and Edam.

The Netherlands being very much a seaside country, a large part of traditional Dutch cuisine is based on fish and seafood (Zeeland oysters, a variety of herring specialties, etc.). You can also sample a number of amazing Dutch hotpots.  

In the Maastricht area, you can sample typical local dishes like Zoervleis (marinated meat), Huidvleis (brawn) and Rommedoe (a particularly strong cheese).

You can also enjoy the various specialties from the Zeeland Province in the Escaut delta (Zeeland oysters and mussels, flat cakes, smoked eel and gooseberry wine).

We encourage you to check out our Logis selection when organising your next stay in the Netherlands.

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