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Your stay in Lorraine in the heart of an exceptionally wealthy terroir

With its spas and canals, its Mirabelle plums and forests, its crystal glassworks and the city of Nancy, post-war and post-steelworks Lorraine calls for a stay in several stages.

Lorraine brings you the magic of its waters

They are called Vittel, Contrexéville, Bains-les-Bains, Plombières and Amnéville. Famous for their waters, those spas attract patients and tourists looking to get back in shape or to get lucky in the casinos. Do not miss the Vittel Casino, for its Art Deco architecture, listed on Unesco’s world heritage.

Less rich in minerals but full of fish, the Moselle, the Meurthe and the Meuse rivers host a great many trout, carps and pikes. As do the lakes of Madine, Pierre Percée and Gérardmer, to be enjoyed come winter or summer to swim in or skate on. Lorraine is the ideal destination if you’re feeling like water.

Lorraine, between nature and greenery

Skiers will love the Vosges forests for its Alpine ski slopes - Gérardmer, Ventron, La Bresse -, and its cross-country ski trails. The trails can also be enjoyed in summer, as can climbing and wheel sledging in any one of the three large natural parks: Lorraine Regional Park, Ballons des Vosges Park and Northern Vosges Park.

Lorraine, a heartland of French history

The war has left traces that remain to this day and trenches that cannot be forgotten. To ensure that history marks time, the people of Lorraine have turned Verdun into a symbol, building on the very site of the deadly battle a World Centre for Peace, Freedom and Human Rights. Not far away, Metz lives by the water, sheltered by its cathedral.

Further south, Pont-à-Mousson watches over Prémontrés Abbey, Nancy opens wide its Stanislas Square, Epinal unveils its popular imagery, Baccarat sets its crystals alight and Commercy relishes its delicious Madeleines.

Meanwhile, the unblemished citadels built by Vauban pretend to keep watch on the Belgian border at Montmédy and on the German border at Bitche, to the delight of “role-playing” enthusiasts who have turned the area into their promised land.

Culinary arts in Lorraine

In Lorraine, gastronomy has pride of place: fish is cooked in grey wine or beer, game prepared in a casserole or a stew, golden Mirabelle plums grilled on tarts...

And should the table happen to be adorned with Mirecourt lace or Lunéville embroidery, should the crystal glasses sound the strains of Daum, Baccarat or Saint-Louis, how could one resist a sip of Moselle white or Gris de Toul, or a drop of fruit brandy?  

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