Logis Hôtels - Le Languedoc-Roussillon à la rencontre d'un terroir diversifié

Visit Languedoc Roussillon and encounter a diversified terroir

Your stay in Languedoc Roussillon will be your chance to rub shoulders with a mosaic of peoples and cultures. Languedoc Roussillon descends in three tiers from the Massif Central Mountains to the Mediterranean. And from the Lozère to the peaks of the Pyrenees, the region has so many itineraries to offer!

Languedoc Roussillon: from the Lozère to the Camargue             

In the Lozère, you may contemplate the grassy plateaux of the Aubrac, the forests and rivers of the Margeride, and the ancestral passing of herds led on their transhumance by shepherds every summer.

Ecology takes on its full meaning within these preserved lands sheltering endangered animal species that are nowadays being reintroduced. Wolves and buffaloes, which are under careful watch, each have their domain and may be observed in total safety.  

The long-inaccessible Cevennes too have retained their authenticity, with quite a few surprises in store for visitors: silkworm farming, hamlets with their thackstone tiles, chestnut orchards, or a startling bamboo grove in Prafrance.

Water sports enthusiasts will favour the Tarn Gorge, to be experienced by small boat or canoe, driven through the canyons: they will be treated to dizzying landscapes, superb cliffs and jagged ledges.

The Gard, where the Cevennes, the scrublands and the Provence meet, combines the wealth of its Roman past with the shifting stretches of the Camargue, half-land and half-water, a refuge for salt and sand. It is a blend of nature’s colours: patches of pink flamingos, black bulls and white horses...

Your stay on the Languedoc coast and its hinterland

From Montpellier, you can reach a largely untouched coastline with a string of resorts and huge sandy beaches, as well as a prestigious heritage: Romanesque and Gothic churches, ancient sites overlooking the most stunning views, Renaissance townhouses whose cool, secretive courtyards still recall that Moliere and Rabelais once passed through here.    

Between scrubland and limestone plateaux, the Haut-Languedoc Natural Park and its stunning landscapes: dizzying canyons, lakes with ochre red banks... Your stay in Languedoc Roussillon will lead you deeper into the hinterland where suddenly, you will come face to face with “vertigo citadels,” abbeys and collegial churches perched amidst the peaks, or nestling among the hills.

Then you will reach Carcassonne. The largest Medieval city in Europe looks like it came straight out of a swashbuckling movie. All around, the famous Minervois and Corbières vineyards will give vintage amateurs all of the fragrances from this luminescent land.

The Catalan coast and Roussillon

The capital of Roussillon, Perpignan has successfully protected its original heritage, including the cultural patrimony of Majorcan kings and the female bronze artworks sculpted by Maillol. Your stay in Roussillon will lead you towards other resources: Tautavel, where the oldest European skull was found (450.000 years old!), and Céret, with its exhibits of the greatest pioneers in contemporary art like Picasso, Matisse or Chagall, who all fell under the spell of that ineffable light bathing the Catalan coast.   

There is also Collioure, Saint-Cyprien and Port-Vendres and their string of welcoming beaches and creeks. Wide open on the Mediterranean, the Catalan Pyrenees provide all of the pleasures you can expect from the mountain.

Whether perched on an eagle’s nest or concealed deep inside a dale at the foot of Canigou Mountain, Romanesque abbeys still boast their crenellated towers and peaceful cloisters. Music lovers will appreciate the festivals that take place every summer in this heartland of faith.

Languedoc Roussillon, a land of culinary specialties

During your stay in Languedoc-Roussillon, do not hesitate to treat your taste buds to local specialties: cod brandade of Nimes, Bouzigues oysters, Sete-style supions, Limoux Blanquette, Muscat and Banyuls...

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