Logis Hôtels - Votre séjour en Franche-Comté

Your stay in Franche-Comté in a natural region

Bordered by Switzerland, Alsace, Lorraine and Burgundy, Franche-Comté combines the beautiful, the good, and the high life, and this whatever the weather. How does it do this? Quite naturally, actually.

Franche-Comté is about forests and waterways

Your stay in Franche-Comté will help you explore a region covered in forests, which hikers appreciate for the beauty of its preserved landscapes. From the Haut-Jura Natural Park to the Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Park, or the Joux Massif, the Massacre Massif or Noirmont Massif: it is indeed from the heart of this land, sometimes tamed, often wild, that the firs’ dark green draw their sap and their essence.

If trees grow in such profusion in Franche-Comté, it’s because water is everywhere. Herisson Falls, the Saut du Doubs and Ognon waterfalls, Jura lakes and the Thousand Ponds in the Haute-Saône are but a few excursions among all the surprises to be found in 5,350 kilometres in waterways, 80 lakes and 320 kilometres in navigable waterways.

Franche-Comté offers you a unique heritage

Back on terra firma, a thousand and one roads will help you discover the wealth of a lively cultural and industrial heritage during your hiking stays. Don’t miss an exceptional feature in the history of architecture, the Royal Saltworks in Arc-et-Senans, listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage.

It is a real gem, as are Arlay and Gy castles.  Not to forget Fabulys Castle, which owes its name to its occupants: a hundred or so life-size robots.

To get to know Franche-Comté, you have to look straight ahead, turn around, and gaze upwards, taking in for instance the many facets of an imperial-style steeple, typical of the little towns in the area.

Whether you follow Route Pasteur, the road of the Vauban battlements, or the historical “Monts et Merveilles” trail, all roads lead down the course of history. And one way or another, they will also lead you to Besançon, the regional capital, dominated by its spectacular astronomical clock.

Franche-Comté, land of gastronomy

This leaves one trail, something of a maze, and that is gastronomy. It originates within the terroir, a place where natives, using great quantities of fir tree and juniper, have forever been smoking sausages in Morteau and Montbéliard, shoulder and breast at the farm, and ham in Luxeuil.

As for cheese, the region also has its ambassador: Comté cheese, which can willingly share the platter with the delicate Mont d'Or, Gex or Septmoncel blue cheese, as well as the legendary Cancoillotte. All that remains is to choose one of those white, red or rosé wines from the Jura.

Château-Chalon, Arbois, Etoile and Côte du Jura are featured on every menu, as well as the original Côtes de Jaunes, Côtes de Paille and Côtes de Macvin. To be enjoyed with moderation, yes, but also with total pleasure.

Feeling like exploring Franche-Comté? Book your Logis hotel restaurant and take advantage of your stay in Franche-Comté to relax and to marvel at its thousand and one tourist and gastronomic attractions.

Feeling like a sports stay to give in to your passion? Unless the many lakes and rivers large and small in Franche-Comté should make you want to book a Logis stay by the waterside. Gourmets will be tempted by a gastronomic menu at a great table in the region.

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