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Your stay in Corsica, encountering an idyllic island.

One never ceases to discover the diversity and complexity of the Island of Beauty. During your stay in Corsica, you will discover a reputedly untamed mountain people. Located at the crossroads of Mediterranean cultures since its beginnings, Corsica has succeeded in largely protecting a natural heritage that is unique in   Europe.

Corsica, a land of contrasts

Corsica is an encounter between Sea and Mountain. An encounter between that which is fluid and that which is solid, sometimes violent, yet always startling. One can see red rocks (Porto), white cliffs (Bonifacio), villages that have to be deserved (Muna), forests of tall and powerful Lariccio pine trees (Aïtone), beech trees, fir trees, green oaks, olive trees and chestnut trees, torrents (Liamone), rivers, mountain lakes (Creno), jagged rocks (Calanche de Piana) and weathered peaks culminating above 2,700 metres (Monte Cinto).

The fauna and flora are in keeping with the diversity and contrasts of this land blessed by the Gods. Your stay in Corsica might help you chance upon mouflon sheep and mountain deer, ospreys or fishing eagles nesting on the Scandola Reserve cliffs, nuthatches living in conifer forests, wild pigs and boar. During your wanders, you’ll also see rich vegetation ranging from cacti (Barbary fig tree) to strawberry trees and myrtle berries, as well as  scrubland, lavender, briars, mastic trees, rockroses and a whole variety of plants characteristic of the island.

Corsica, a unique bouquet of fragrances

The Island of Beauty is made up of dozens of scents that blend and intensify. First it’s the smell of the sea, scented with the purest iodine tang. Then you get whiffs of scrubland, so light and powerful, so delicate and tonic, blending with rockrose, strawberry, myrtle and lavender.

As you rise higher, tannins and resin take over, as the perfumed ambience from oaks and Lariccio pines interplay with the smell of earth.

Your stay in Corsica with its unique Mediterranean cuisine

Corsican cuisine puts the accent on the seasons. Through its peasant origins, its gives prominence to cheeses, particularly the Brocciu. Your stay in Corsica will allow you to savour platefuls of charcuterie, pâtés, vegetables stuffed with Brocciu or delicious pies stuffed with chard or marrow. Brocciu cannelloni will delight many. Brocciu and mint omelettes are unmatched in their refinement. Soup simmers along come winter or summer. Azziminu, the Corsican version of  bouillabaisse, is truly a one-of-a-kind. Crayfish, denti fish, red mullet, capon and bass give the best of their flavour when simply grilled. Hardly out of the water, torrent trout is always enjoyed with the same appetite. Game whose flesh is impregnated with scrubland fragrances will take your appetite over. Roasted or with a sauce, young goat, lamb and boar will delight you. Veal stew or beef casserole will be best served with olives, cabbage, peas, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes. Cheese, whether mild or more mature, will go well with a good bottle of wine. As the meal ends, the thousand and one ways to serve Brocciu will delight you. But don’t let it cause you to forget other items, based on chestnuts, or the marvellous doughnuts. They can be served with a Cap Corse, a Muscat, or one of those little household liqueurs the locals are so good at making...  

Corsicans, a People with enduring roots and traditions

Proud and welcoming once you have struck a chord with them and showed them respect, Corsicans will gladly welcome “foreigners” as they would a sibling. This basic, welcoming land offers you a heritage that is prehistoric, archaeological, historical,  artistic, architectural, religious, and a host of facets that you will discover step by step throughout your stay in Corsica.

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