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Your stay in Auvergne in the heart of a natural region

With its sumptuous landscapes and gastronomic particularities, Auvergne features numerous charming distinctions to satisfy your yearnings for authenticity and a nature preserved. From the Mounts of Cantal to the Puy de Dôme, Mount Mézenc in Southern Haute-Loire and the Massif du Cézallier to the North, your stay in Auvergne will be your chance for unusual discoveries, whether you’re hiking, cycling or driving. Feeling like snow with the family? In winter, Auvergne provides exceptional skiing opportunities, particularly well-suited to families with young children.

Auvergne, a wealthy, diversified terroir

The people of Auvergne were always able to bring out the riches of this preserved land. Thus the region is proud to produce five cheeses of Controlled Origin (AOC), namely:




Bleu d'Auvergne

Fourme d'Ambert

In winter, restaurants in the region feature menus that include the renowned “truffade” based on Tomme de Cantal and served with local charcuterie.

Besides cheese, Auvergne also has liqueurs made with gentian, a bitter-tasting plant well-known for its hunger-stimulating and digestive properties. Ask for a glass of Salers, an alcoholic drink resembling Suze and Avèze.

And one could not speak of Auvergne gastronomy without mentioning the first-rate Le Puy green lentils, an AOC legume grown on the Velay plateau overlooking the Haute-Loire prefecture.

Auvergne is also spa territory

While its volcanoes and culinary specialties have brought fame to the Auvergne region, one should not forget that it possesses a great many other tourist attractions.

Take the départements of the Allier and Puy de Dôme and their spas, providing hydrotherapy programmes to cure respiratory disorders (asthma) in Mont Dore and La Bourboule, or to ease stress and exhaustion in Vichy, Bourbon l'Archambault and Neris-les-Bains.

Those towns welcome thousands of patients every year, who go there on account of the healing waters of Auvergne.

Would you too like to discover or rediscover Auvergne? Book your stay among the Logis hotel restaurants located within Auvergne’s four departments and selected by the Logis for the quality of their accommodation.

Auvergne offers you a host of possibilities in thematic stays: whether sports stay, gastronomic stay or wellness stay, make your choice according to the kind of Logis hotel restaurant that you select.

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