Logis Bacchus

Wine-tasting, cellar visits, vineyard tours.
lovers of good wine are at home in Logis Bacchus.

Located at a maximum of 3km from a vineyard, Logis Bacchus are always close to the heart of the famous wine-producing regions of France. The wine list in the hotel's restaurant always features a large selection of wines : from great vintages to good local wines. Drink and enjoy.

he establishment is situated in a wine appellation area and lies within easy reach of vineyards (within 15 km) or a wine-growing village.
In the hotel decoration, particular attention is given to promoting the immediate wine-making environment (objects used for wine-making, sale of products related to the wine industry: bottles, grape-picking baskets.).
The establishment makes available free documents and books for consultation to discover and improve knowledge of the different aspects of the vineyard and the wines (e.g.: map of the vineyard, documents about the different appellations, wine guidebooks, a list of wine-makers or wine cellars where tasting is available.).
The establishment has a satisfactory location for storing wine (conservation under suitable temperature and hygrometric conditions), cellar and/or wine cupboard. If requested by customers, the hotelier provides a location adapted to the storage of bottles which have been purchased.
Particular attention is paid in the menu to the association of local cuisine and locally produced wines.

The wine list must offer at least:

- 50 different wines, 25% of which must be from the region (indicated on the list)
- 15 wines in half-bottles, 5 of which are from the region
- 3 AOC wines served by the glass
Wine is served in suitable glasses (for Bordeaux , Burgundy and Alsatian wines.).

The hotelier should advise clients on their choice of wine, be familiar with the different appellations of the region of production and know the wine-making sites open to the public.
Wine requiring it is served in ice buckets or in good quality isothermal container. aiting staff (permanent and seasonal) are trained in wine-tasting.
Particular attention is given to training dining room staff (permanent and seasonal) in the techniques of wine-tasting. If necessary, they will participate in training sessions.
The hotelier, if asked to do so by the client, organises visits to wine cellars or chateaux, wine-tasting, and tours around the vineyards.

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