Domaine de Valmont 3

22 Rue de la Gare.
33720 BARSAC

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22 Rue de la Gare.
33720 BARSAC

Your stay at Domaine de Valmont

The Domaine de Valmont is a former wine-growing estate dating back to 1795. Concerning the arches, you may notice the symbols of a former Masonic temple. The heads (mascaron) over the arches represent King Solomon (in the middle), to his right beauty and to his left strength (ram's horns). There are also the triangles above the windows. The other older wing has a looped cross, very symbolic of knights and builders... There are plenty of mysteries surrounding this residence with a very original architecture in the Bordeaux region... The wine-growing business stopped after the war and the last known bottle was from 1947. It was transformed into a hotel at the end of the 1970s, then into a prestigious private school IEB (Institut Européen de Barsac) taking pupils from all over the world. Renovated into charming hotel rooms in 2005, Mr and Mrs Giraud have been able to keep the very essence of this building, embellishing, year by year, this wonderful residence.
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Rates of Domaine de Valmont

room room from 110 to 210 EUR
Breakfast Breakfast 10 EUR
Menu Menu from 30 to 40 EUR
Child special Child special 12 EUR
Half board Half board 79.5 EUR
Business night Business night 105 EUR


Number of room(s) 18 room(s)



Facilities of Domaine de Valmont

Car park
Air-conditioning only in rooms
Air-conditioning only in restaurant
Restaurant suitable for the disabled
Hotel suitable for the disabled
Animals allowed in restaurant
Animals allowed in rooms
Business Stopovers
Wifi free
Internet in all rooms
Eating only for hotels' guests
Séminaires au vert
+ More;


Park or Garden Park or Garden

Credit cards welcome

  • Oenology lessons
  • Touring a cellar
  • Touring castles
  • Wine tasting
  • Sampling regional products
  • Golf
  • Quad biking
  • Water sports
  • Adjoining room
  • quadruple room
  • Water-sports centre
  • Water-based recreation area
  • Adventure park
  • Sea-bound river

Domaine de Valmont 3

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22 Rue de la Gare.
33720 BARSAC
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