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(To update rooms and manage one’s bookings, and to browse through job offers)


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ACTIVE RECRUITEMENT : Our partner in announcing job offers specialising in the hotel and catering industries.


By joining “Qualité Tourisme” , you commit to doing your utmost to satisfy your customers. And this, in particular, concerns six areas.

OSEO was founded in 2005, as a result of ANVAR and BDPME getting together for a mission in the public interest to bolster regional and national policies: to support and sustain SMEs/SMIs – through advances, loans or guarantees – in the most decisive steps in their life cycle (creation, innovation, development, handing over). For entrepreneurs and project owners, it facilitates access to funding by banking partners and capital stock institutions... : Over the past 40 years, the "Villes et Villages Fleuris" label (Flowery Towns and Villages) has become the emissary of a true social phenomenon, both with elected officials and the general public. Over the years, the phenomenon has grown, and there are today 12,000 towns and villages, close to a third of all municipalities, who submit their achievements to the “Villes et Villages Fleuris” competition! : Tourist Offices (Offices de Tourisme) and Information Centres (Syndicats d’Initiative) can be found everywhere in France, to welcome you, inform you and help you prepare your stay. The French National Federation of Regional Tourism Committees (Fédération Nationale des Comités Régionaux de Tourisme) Atout France In the heart of nature, the “Stations Vertes” (Green Rest Stops) welcome you with the family or with your friends to relax or enjoy your hobbies within a preserved setting.

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