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The history of Logis hotel-restaurants

A fixture for the past 65 years in the French and European tourist landscape, the Logis hotel-restaurants network has taken on an exciting objective: to modernise without losing its soul in the process. As the leading determined chain of independent hotel-restaurants in Europe with over 2,300 establishments, it is recognised, acknowledged and appreciated for its values of tradition, conviviality and quality. As a result, it enjoys special standing within the hotel industry world.

Logis hotel-restaurants: values you can count on

Founded in 1949, the Fédération Internationale of Logis hotel-restaurants is established in France, Italy, Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain and in the Netherlands. From one stopover to another, every Logis hotel-restaurant is different, but all share the same spirit and the same values: customised welcome, quality accommodation, regionally-inspired cuisine, friendliness and an invitation to discover.

Wanting to getaway for a stay at a Logis? Hotel-restaurant managers in France and Europe offer you a number of entertaining and relaxing activities for you to enjoy with the family or as a couple. On the programme, there is cycling, fishing, hiking or a snow stay, whatever meets your fancy!

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Since 1949, the LOGIS HOTELS hotel-restaurant chain has been committed to guaranteeing you the most friendly hotel service!
Anchored in the French and European tourist landscape, our network of independent hotels and restaurants has taken on the mission of preserving our regions and bringing our territories to life by encouraging the local talents of tomorrow. Nothing could be easier! LOGIS HOTELS participates, and makes you participate actively in the local economic development and the know-how of our regions. Thus, your visit to Jacques' hotel-restaurant, it is also Damien the village baker who benefits, but also Jean-Daniel the local sheep breeder, or Maryse the market gardener of the neighboring village.
Appreciated for its traditional values, LOGIS HOTELS has also kept its DNA of independence in the hotel-restaurant business, family structures and unique proximity support.
The first voluntary chain of independent hotel restaurateurs in Europe, LOGIS HOTELS has more than 2200 establishments spread over 9 different countries. You can find us in France, Germany, Andorra, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and also in Canada.
Villas, hotels or unusual accommodations, with the six brands of the LOGIS HOTELS group, you are spoilt for choice! Enjoy a warm stay, personalized according to your moods, desires and needs.
● Logis Hotels and Restaurants, the hotel and restaurant industry with a human face, with an average of 15 to 45 rooms per establishment.
● L'Exception Logis, the premium category that values excellence and know-how in terms of accommodation, tables and exceptional spas.
● Auberge de Pays, turnkey boutique inns that promote local services and restaurants and offer up to 9 rooms.
● Cit’hotel, 2 and 3 star hotels located in the city center with different styles but always the same charter of quality and requirement.
● Châteaux et Demeures, prestigious residences by the sea, in the mountains and in the countryside.
● Urban Style, 3 and 4 star establishments with an average of 35 to 60 rooms, combining contemporary style and design.
For people who wish to give more meaning to their way of consuming. LOGIS HOTELS offers a unique loyalty program, which promotes the environment by adopting a more responsible mode of consumption. With the ETIK card, our members enjoy a warm and personalized welcome throughout the LOGIS HOTELS and Cit’hotel hotel-restaurant network all year round, in addition to accumulating euros during their leisure or business stays in hotels and restaurants.
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