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The business stopover package

Logis hotels - Business Stopover packages by the Logis network

Business Stopover packages by the Logis network

Are you often away on business and looking to make your business trips more pleasant? Our Logis were made for you! Savour the difference as you enjoy a warm welcome, quality dining and customised service.

Business Stopover package: Single room, dinner and breakfast

Business Night package*: Single room and breakfast

*Please do not hesitate to ask the hotel managers; they will recommend a good restaurant close to the establishment.

These 2 pictograms will help you identify hotels that provide the business packages :

To take advantage of the business packages, simply show your business card during your business trips. The Business Stopover card is valid in France, Belgium, Germany, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in Spain and in the Netherlands.

Business packages rates are provided for information purposes and are non-binding. They may be modified without notice, under the sole responsibility of the hotel concerned. Only those rates and services indicated at time of booking are binding.

To ensure you can communicate easily, look for Logis hotels that have an Internet connection, using pictograms :

For your business trips abroad, some Logis in Germany, Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg take part in the Business Stopover programme.

In Italy, hotels may offer specific packages. Please ask the hotel directly.  

The “Business Stopover” card

Available free in all establishments offering the package (look for the “briefcase”), it will make you earn discount vouchers worth €15. To get the vouchers, simply show your “Business Stopover” card at reception, where they will affix a sticker on to it. After your 10th stay, send the completed card, prior to 31/03/13, to the Fédération Internationale des Logis, who will send you your discount voucher.