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Our philosophy

Logis Hotels - The history

The history of Logis hotel-restaurants

A fixture for the past 65 years in the French and European tourist landscape, the Logis hotel-restaurants network has taken on an exciting objective: to modernise without losing its soul in the process. As the leading determined chain of independent hotel-restaurants in Europe with over 2,600 establishments, it is recognised, acknowledged and appreciated for its values of tradition, conviviality and quality. As a result, it enjoys special standing within the hotel industry world.

Logis hotel-restaurants: values you can count on

Founded in 1949, the Fédération Internationale of Logis hotel-restaurants is established in France, Italy, Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain and in the Netherlands. From one stopover to another, every Logis hotel-restaurant is different, but all share the same spirit and the same values: customised welcome, quality accommodation, regionally-inspired cuisine, friendliness and an invitation to discover.